Temperment Visits

Temperament Evaluation & Tours:

To ensure the safety of all the dogs and the staff, all dogs must pass a temperament evaluation before being accepted or attending to the Klub. Your dog must be dog friendly and Human friendly and respectful of human authority. Not all dogs are eligible to attend the Klub, as the Klub is cage less environment.

Temperament Evaluations:

Evaluations are by appointment only and take about 35-45 minutes.  They are given at 10:30, 11:30 and 2:30 Wednesday – Friday, and Saturdays at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. You/the owner must be present for the evaluation, you will be asked about your dogs health, lifestyle and education.  All dogs attending the Klub must be kept current on all vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, Adenovirus type 2 and Bordetella, Bordetella is required every six months) and a monthly flea preventative (Advantage or Frontline).  You must present proof of vaccinations from a veterinary office and a receipt of purchase of a monthly flea preventative. Your dog will be tested to see if he/she allows a gender check, respects dominance from a resident dog, whether it resource guards its owner, whether it can be guided by the collar and a  leash, how your dog responds to and if he/she knows what “no” means from a dog, and separation anxiety.

During the eval our policies and procedures will be explained to you to help make your experience with Klub K9 a pleasant one.

Returning to the Klub after a 6 month or greater absence:

If your dog hasn’t been here in six months or more a Re-val may be required to ensure that your dog is still eligible to attend the Klub.  Dogs, just like humans, change as the age, a re-val give us the chance to evaluate his/her temperament to help make sure you dog is still comfortable here. This also gives you a chance to catch up with any policy changes that may have occurred during your absence.

Re-vals are a minimum of a half day of day care, you MUST be available to pick up your dog if necessary and re-vals are only done in the morning.  You drop your dog off around 7 am Tues.-Fri. If all goes well your dog can stay the day, if not we have you come and pick him/her up.


Due to insurance restraints and safety, tours are not given.

Insurance companies do not allow us to take you where the dogs are, and since this is a cage less facility, there are dogs everywhere and they are loose.

To give a tour we have to remove the dogs from the play area which stirs them up, give the tour, then bring them back into the play area which stirs them up again.

This is a safety concern, as this is when the dogs may get aggressive, which puts both the dogs and the handlers at risk. The more the dogs are moved around, the more agitated they get, and the more aggression we may see, even from dogs that normally would not show aggression.

During your scheduled appointment for an evaluation, we can give you a video tour.  We have nothing to hide, check the web cams. We do however want to keep the dogs and the handlers safe.

Klub K9 is probably the cleanest, safest daycare & boarding facility in the Valley and we are proud of it!! We would love to give tours and show off how clean our facility is. However, we must keep it safe for you, the handlers and the dogs.

We do work with under and un-socialized dogs; call and see if we can help your pup become acceptable.

To schedule an appointment call us today 408-736-7102 or contact us!!