Web Cams

Klub K9 Play Center has multiple webcams installed to allow you to sneak a peek at your playful pup.

Click on the Play Area button below to watch your dog play. Enjoy!

Please TAKE A PEEK! Don’t use as a desktop or leave the camera minimized on your computer. This will cause the cameras to run slow or not come up at all.

As with any internet application bandwidth is everything. Every person that is accessing the system is using bandwidth. We are working with our camera provider to get the system’s performance maximized.

Our new cameras are friendly with PCs vista & XP on internet explorer & Firefox, Macs on Safari and Firefox and iPhones.

If you have used our web cams in the past, you will really like our new cameras. You no longer have to download and install software, at the most, depending on your system you may have to enable the ActiveX controls.