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New Vaccination requirements

Due to the recent outbreak of the H3N2 canine flu virus in the Bay Area this year, we will now be requiring that every dog is vaccinated with the H3N8-H3N2 Flu vaccine.  Your local vet should have it in stock, also the Humane Society is offering low cost vaccine clinics. We will be requiring this as a yearly vaccine, we recommend getting it as soon as possible to keep your pet safe. This flu is very contagious and we ask everyone who will be coming to daycare or boarding please be safe and stay out of dog parks or other gathering places prior to coming to Klub K9.

Information of Canine Influenza Virus (CIV)



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***Free Puppy Social***


Every Saturday (holiday weekends excluded)   The Klub holds a Free Puppy Social. The social begins at 11am and ends at 12pm.

The social is for puppies that haven’t had all their shots, so its ok if your puppy has not had all of them.

The social is for all puppies 8 weeks old to approximately 6 months old. Our  social is an all breed social.  All breeds may not be acceptable around the 6 month age due to size and or dominance.  At that time, your path to daycare is streamlined due to your attendance to our puppy social.

As always there are some basic policies to follow,

  1. your puppy cannot go to dog parks, or other puppy socials and come to our social;
  2. you must bring your puppies vaccination records that you have to date at the beginning, and any updates as your puppy grows up;
  3. NO children under the age of twelve (12) years of age are permitted;
  4. ALL attendees must wear closed toed shoes (sneakers) when attending;
  5. Entry ends at 11:20 am.

Call us at 408-736-7102 or Email us at info@klubk9playcenter.com between 7:00 am — 7:00 pm for more questions.


Since the H3N2 Canine Flu has landed in Bay area, we strongly recommend giving your puppy a flu shot to prevent your puppy from getting the flu. Your puppies can get the flu shot 2 weeks after they get any of their puppy shots, For example:

8 weeks got first puppy shots, 10 weeks fit in flu shot

12 weeks got second puppy shots, 14 weeks fit in flu shot

16 weeks got final set puppy shots, 18 weeks fit in flu shot

Call your vet for more detail information about flu shots.

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