Meet Our Staff


Mike has been involved with canine training and behaviorĀ for over 25 years. Whether it’s a family integration problem or a behavior issue, Mike works with clients to find the best solution, using canine psychology and positive reinforcement curriculum. He is also the night handler 5 nights a week.


Cathy was a legal assistant for 25 years before coming KK9 . Mike & Cathy own 3 dogs, Missy a 70 lb. LabX she is 10 years old, Star a 45 lb. LabX, she is 5 years old, Brandi a GSD 5 mos. (on 3/15/12) and foster 3 dogs Bodie a 115 lb. LabX he is years 7 old, Newman a 70 lb. GSDX he is 5 years old and Jillie a 40 lb. Mini Australian Cattle dog she is 5 years old.


Norma was a veterinary assistant prior to joining our team. She is (as of 1/1/2012) the manager of KK9. She handles all the day to day operations of the center. Norma has a 5 year old Terrier Mix, Duke, who enjoys daycare at the Klub.


Susie was one of our first hires 5 years ago. Prior to that, she worked with Newfoundlands and horses. She is the second shift handler in Play Area 1. As well as managing the big dogs, she makes sure the Play Area is clean and ready for the next day.


Carrie worked in the retail arena before joining our team. Carrie is (as of 1/1/2012) the Assistant manager. She assists Norma with the day to day operations and over sees the center on the weekends. Carrie, along with Gary, owns Alice a 70 lb. GSD, she is 4 years old, and Zoey a 20 Terrier Mix.


Jaclyn is a Kennel Handler in Play Area 1,. She is a certified dog trainer, who received her diploma from Animal Behavior College. Jaclyn owns Alfred a 15 lb. Pug, he hangs in PA3 for daycare and boarding at the Klub.

Michelle ABCCDT

Michelle is a Kennel Handler in Play Area 3, who assists in managing the dogs and keeping the play area clean. She is a certified dog trainer, who received her diploma from Animal Behavior College. This is Michelle’s first job and she “loves being around the dogs”. Michelle is currently studying Shore In Jo Kempo a form of martial arts. Michelle owns Linus a 19 lb. Cockapoo.

Employment Opportunities

Interested in working at Klub K9 Play Center? Fill out our Employment Application and fax it to 408-736-3048. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).