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Please note that your dog must have already passed their temperament evaluation (you must make an appointment for an evaluation). If your dog has not been through an evaluation at Klub K9 you can not use this reservation form. A re-val may be required if your dog hasn’t been here in six months or longer.

Please fill out following information to request a reservation to Klub K9 Play Center Daycare or Boarding Services. Filling out this form does not mean your reservation is complete. Klub K9 will contact you with a final confirmation. Reservations for Daycare or Boarding must be made 48 hours in advance. Overnight stays (Boarding Service) with Klub K9 Play Center offers cageless boarding, 24 hour supervision and private crates to sleep in (if your dog sleeps in a crate at home).

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Please Note: This is NOT a final confirmation to your reservation for our Boarding and Daycare services. Klub K9 Play Center will contact you with a final confirmation. Thank you!