Site Tours


Due to insurance restraints and safety, tours are not given.

Insurance companies do not allow us to take you where the dogs are, and since this is a cage less facility, there are dogs everywhere and they are loose.

To give a tour we have to remove the dogs from the play area which stirs them up, give the tour, then bring them back into the play area which stirs them up again.

This is a safety concern, as this is when the dogs may get aggressive, which puts both the dogs and the handlers at risk. The more the dogs are moved around, the more agitated they get, and the more aggression we may see, even from dogs that normally would not show aggression.

This is one of the reasons why you must schedule an appointment for an evaluation, during your dog’s eval we can give you a video tour. We have nothing to hide, check the web cams. We do however want to keep the dogs and the handlers safe.

Klub K9 is probably the cleanest, safest daycare & boarding facility in the Valley and we are proud of it!! We would love to give tours and show off how clean our facility is. However, we must keep it safe for you, the handlers and the dogs.

We do work with under and un-socialized dogs; call and see if we can help your pup become acceptable.

To schedule an appointment call or email us today 408-736-7102 or contact us!!

Call or email the Klub today to set up your dog’s eval.

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