Training Classes

There is a great deal more to your dog’s behavior than Sit, Down and Stay. General obedience training only conditions your dog to respond to specific stimulus (a conditioned response). You say the command “SIT” (the stimulus), your dog sits (the response) this is a conditioned response.

Does this sound like your dogs behavior? Around the house your dog sits fine, but at the park your dog won’t come to you when you call it, you have to repeat your “SIT” command several times.
This is the typical behavior when all you’ve done is build in some conditioned responses.

Here at the Klub we work with you and the dog, we not only build in the conditioned responses, but we also build in the respect. With the respect, your dog will sit on the first command & come when called, in any environment.

Even at the park!!
Lifestyle Balancing was developed to address this situation!!

Ivy League Education

Ivy League is for older dogs with no prior training and begins with 2 private sessions in your home.  The first session is all about the lifestyle within the home.  You’ll learn why your dog does the things they do and how to live with your dog..  The second in home session is full of training for the dog.  The next 2 sessions are here at the Klub, where  we continue with the education for the dog, but in a new more challenging environment.  This gives you the proper life style with your dog,  giving you the respect you need, and your puppy or dog a well rounded education with both private foundation building and stimulated practice sessions to strengthen the education.

4 private sessions about 5 hours, the 1st session being about 2 hrs.  $489.25

Private Behavior Modification

Private training in your home to modify your dogs behavior. This training will address general lifestyle and general obedience and what ever problems your dog has, pulling/stalling, counter surfing, aggression, chewing, barking etc.

Clients with aggression issues accepted on a case by case basis.

4 sessions about 5 hours, the 1st session being about 2 hrs. $489.25

Lifestyle Balancing

Lifestyle Balancing is recommended for all dog guardians.

This curriculum will teach you the psychology of living with and communicating with your dog in their language.  Your dog will be more responsive to commands and much easier to handle.

2 sessions about 3 hours total time, the 1st session being about 2 hrs.  $283.25

Private Kindergarten or Private Training

Private Kindergarten is for puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks (4 months) of age.

This class is all about the basics and then some.  They will learn the basic commands such as SIT, DOWN, STAY, WAIT, LEAVE IT, LOOSE LEASH WALKING and RECALL. The family will learn the psychology of living with dogs.We will introduce you to proper nutrition, health and grooming habits and needs of your puppy. House-training, puppy mouthing, chewing, jumping, barking and body language.

4 weeks, once a week, for about 1 hour, the 1st being about 2 hours (orientation) $489.25