Your dog must pass a temperament evaluation and be a current daycare & boarding client to be bathed at the Klub. We�re sorry but we don�t groom non-member dogs.

Over the last 7 years we have been struggling with finding a groomer that could be consistent and content with grooming one dog at a time, instead of the bathe 5 dogs, crate dry (put them in crate with blow dryer blowing on them), them groom them and put them back in the crate. Here at the Klub we like to see a dog be given the spa treatment, bath, blow dry and groom all in one process, then back out to the play area for more fun. We tried all the options up to and including a very lucrative pay scale. In the end our last groomer could not even dry a dog properly.

We are very sorry to announce that grooming has be cancelled.

Klub members can still get a bath, blow dry every day.

Please call 408-736-7102 to schedule your appointment.